OFS designs and manufactures high-performance optical fibers offering superior performance and reliability. Working with our global cable customers, OFS helps end-users reach increased capacity for video, voice and data transmission. For applications with unique requirements beyond long distance and high speed, OFS engineers solutions and provides added-value optical fiber solutions for communications and laser power delivery applications.

Single-Mode Optical Fibers

OFS’s metropolitan, access and wireless network fiber solutions, including AllWave®, AllWave® FLEX and EZ-Bend fiber family, the industry’s first Zero Water Peak and bend-optimized optical fibers, seamlessly extend the optical network into the end user’s premises. For long haul networks, AllWave® Low Loss and TrueWave® Low Water Peak optical fibers can cost efficiently carry a network from hundreds to thousands of kilometers. We also offer a range of ocean optical fibers for continent-to-continent as well as medium and shorter distance submarine connections.

Multimode Optical Fibers

OFS offers graded-index multimode optical fibers in a variety of core diameters and bandwidth options to support a wide range of short-reach LAN, Central Office, and Data Center applications. Our LaserWave® laser-optimized optical fibers, including the first OM3 optical fiber in the industry, cost-effectively support enterprise networks of 10, 40 and 100 Gb/s. DMD-controlled to provide optimum performance with laser sources, they are designed and manufactured to a carefully controlled refractive index profile to achieve low attenuation, high bandwidth and longer link distances. The superior geometry of OFS multimode optical fiber results in easier cabling and better connector and transceiver coupling performance.

Specialty Optical Fibers

OFS offers a broad range of standard and custom specialty optical fibers. Specialty optical fibers include multimode (MM) and single-mode (SM) optical fibers with a variety of core and cladding sizes, operating wavelengths, numerical apertures (NA), and coatings. These features optimize fiber performance in a specific application and are often designed in response to a customer request. Our HCS®, HCXtreme®, GiHCS®, and PYROCOAT® brand optical fiber technologies are well known across industries. Our specialty single mode optical fibers include polarization maintaining optical fibers, erbium-doped optical fibers, cladding pumped, and Large Mode Area optical fibers doped with various rare earth elements such as Erbium, Ytterbium, and Erbium/Ytterbium. OFS is the industry leader in optical fiber design or modification for customized applications.
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