Communications Single-Mode Optical Fibers

The Fiber is the Network™

OFS is a world-leader in the design and manufacture of single-mode optical fiber for applications including transcontinental, regional, metropolitan, home/business access, and in-building fiber optic systems.
The OFS Single-mode Optical Fiber Selection Guide for terrestrial applications is a quick reference guide for a general understanding of OFS single-mode fiber types and applications. This guide describes several families of OFS fiber and provides recommendations for single-mode fibers used in Outside Plant (OSP) as well as Indoor (Premises, Enterprise) applications.
Selecting the right fiber for your application can help lower system costs. Characteristics such as lower loss, larger effective area, optimized dispersion, and tight bend performance can provide economic benefits compared to using a standard G.652D single-mode fiber. Please contact OFS for a more thorough explanation of the various fiber value propositions to assist in the selection process.
The OFS single-mode product portfolio single-mode product portfolio includes the following families of optical fiber:

  • TeraWave® Optical Fibers – ITU-T G.654 long haul fiber with an optimized large effective area designed especially to support coherent systems.
  • TrueWave® Optical Fibers – ITU-T G.655 and/or G.656 Non-Zero Dispersion fibers (NZDF) that have optimum chromatic dispersion characteristics to simplify and reduce the cost of dispersion compensation.
  • AllWave® Optical Fibers – ITU-T G.652.D standard single-mode fibers. AllWave Zero Water Peak (ZWP) Fibers provide seamless splicing and can be used everywhere from long haul to shorter reach in-building applications. Some of these fibers are also G.657 compliant.
  • AllWave FLEX and EZ-Bend® Optical Fibers are ITU-T G.657 Bend Insensitive single-mode fibers.
  • TeraWave line of ocean fibers.

Communications Multimode Optical Fibers

OFS is also a world-leader in the design and manufacture of multimode optical fibers. Our product portfolio offers high bandwidth OM3, OM4, and OM5 graded-index multimode optical fibers designed to support a wide range of short-reach, VCSEL based LAN, Central Office, and Data Center applications. Our LaserWave® laser-optimized multimode fibers cost-effectively support enterprise network speeds up to 400Gb/s and beyond. LaserWave WideBand (OM5) fiber supports the latest short wavelength division multiplexing (SWDM) applications developed to maximize multimode fiber’s data carrying capacity. DMD-controlled to provide optimum performance with laser sources, LaserWave optical fiber is designed and manufactured with a carefully controlled refractive index profile to achieve low attenuation, high bandwidth and longer link distances. The superior geometry of OFS multimode optical fiber results in easier cabling and better connector and transceiver coupling performance. Please contact OFS for a more thorough explanation of the various fiber types and to assist in the selection process.

Specialty Optical Fibers

OFS, through its predecessor companies, has been designing and manufacturing specialty optical fibers since the mid 1970’s and today offers a broad range of standard and custom versions. The specialty optical fiber product range includes multimode (MM) and single-mode (SM) optical fibers with a variety of core and cladding sizes, operating wavelengths, numerical apertures (NA), and coatings. These features optimize fiber performance in a specific application and are often designed in response to a customer’s application.
Our HCS®, HCXtreme®, GiHCS®, and LineaSens® PYROCOAT® brand optical fiber technologies are well known across industries. Our specialty single-mode optical fibers include polarization maintaining optical fibers, erbium-doped optical fibers, cladding pumped, and Large Mode Area optical fibers doped with various rare earth elements such as Erbium, Ytterbium, and Erbium/Ytterbium. OFS is an industry leader in optical fiber design or modification for a variety of industries including medical, industrial communications, avionics and defense as well as for various sensing applications.


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