Ultimately, cables need a way to plug into your system. OFS connectivity solutions offer a wide array of products for connecting and housing fibers in an optical network. Our heritage of innovation allows us to craft products that can lower your overall network cost, enable flexibility, and enhance performance.

  • Jumpers: pre-connectorized cables in a wide range of cable types, including LSZH, Plenum or Riser Rated, 2-72 fiber counts.
  • Connectors and Adapters: shielded or non-shielded in various connector types.
  • Cabinets and Shelves: LGX frames and a full line of shelves accessorized for your fiber management system.
  • Attenuators: space-saving solutions offering ease-of-cleaning options, as well as build-on varieties.
  • Fiber Management Systems

These products, coupled with our design service, enable OFS to collaborate with systems vendors and customers to develop unique connectivity and system component solutions.

Specialty Connectivity

OFS offers a wide offering of connectivity solutions for the specialty optical fibers and cables that it produces. HCS® Optical Fiber technology makes possible the use of “crimp and cleave” connectors. Connector types such as the SMA, the ST, the SC, the LC and Hewlett Packard’s Versatile Link®, enable customers to terminate cables in the field using one of our termination kits and without the need for epoxy or polishing. We make optical fiber as easy to use as copper. Our assembly engineers work closely with our OEM customers to provide customized optical fiber jumpers, patchcords, connectors, and probes.

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